Hailing from Adrian, MI…these guys have proven why they are one of the most talked about groups that you’ve probably never heard of! From tongue twisters, metal based influences, and the best beats, they have adopted a sound all their own! They truly live up to their signature motto “everyday is Halloween” whether they’re in masks or human form masks…..the stage show is one you’ll be sorry if you miss! Real time performance (no background vocals), black lights, uv paint, and heavy strobes….Kaos, ZigZag, Durrty Dru, Coal, and Kain have definitely proved why they are truly made to be the faces of the underground!
With a resume working with such artists as Boondox, Razakel, Sicktanick, Dark Half, Cousin Cleetus, Krizz Kaliko, ABK, Kutt Calhoun, Ces Cru, DJ Clay, and much much more….witness the act that had the Duke of the Wicked himself, Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse, gawking in disbelief! “My mind was Blown! I’ve never seen anything like that!” – Violent J

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